Wreck & Reef Dive (with video)

Kyle took his brother Ben and Ben's girlfriend Michelle for a wreck & reef dive just east of Port Lucaya, Grand Bahamas. They all had a wonderful day.

It's Junkanoo, the New Years Celebration

Tonight was "Junkanoo", The Bahamas New Year's celebration. Lots of bright colourful costumes, lots of great dancing, lots of great bands, and lots of great food!

We enjoyed this greatly, and about half-way through realized, this is not a vacation... this is our life now. AWESOME!

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Satellite Tracking System

In early December we installed a satellite tracking system using a Spot Trace tracker. While installation and setup was easy and took only a few minutes, finding just the right settings for what we wanted has taken a while. It only takes a minute to change the settings, but it's only when you travel that you can see what effect those changes have.  Now that we have those settings the way we like them, I built a system to gather the data and display it on our website.

Our new live tracking map displays at the top of our home page. It shows our current location, as well as maps of our voyages. The trip from Boca Raton to Port Lucaya is a perfect example of how it will display our voyages.


Crossing the Gulf Stream

A lot has been said about the Gulf Stream, and that it can be one of the worst areas of the ocean to be out on. There have been many a sailor who have attempted the journey and sworn to never go out on the ocean again.

But there is a trick to it, and get it right and you can have a wonderful experience, such as we did. The trick with crossing the Gulf Stream is having mild winds, and NO north winds for 3 days before. The whole problem is that the current flows north, and if the wind comes from the north then the waves stack up. They get short and tall and make for a terrible crossing (so I've heard). It is often described as box cars coming towards you, or seeing a herd of elephants marching along the horizon. If that happens do not go out in it, and if you started out and see that, turn back and wait for better weather. The biggest mistake you can make with crossing the Gulf Stream (or with any sailing, really) is to try and keep to a schedule. Schedules will give you a bad time as you go out in weather you shouldn't because you need to be somewhere.

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